A Freelancer Should Create Business Plan

A business plan is a map that will lead you to success.

If you are dreaming of starting your own business or quitting your job to become a freelance writer or consultant, congratulations! Have you got your business plan done? If not, there’s still time to get started on writing your business plan. And here are a ten good reasons you’ll need to write one sooner, rather than later. Continue reading “A Freelancer Should Create Business Plan”

Adding Sales Tracking in Your Business Plan

Your Business Plan

If you are reading this article, you are most likely starting up a new business, or helping someone else start a new business. The key element for every business is to have a realistic and workable business plan. Your business plan is most likely either under construction, or almost complete. Business plans will have several sections to include all aspects of your goals and your strategy to achieve those goals. Continue reading “Adding Sales Tracking in Your Business Plan”

Importance of Writing a Business Plan

Many start-up companies fail because they lack a map to guide them through their new business venture. Successful business owners are those who have written a clear and concise business plan that evaluates the mission, goals, and aspects of their new business. Continue reading “Importance of Writing a Business Plan”